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Frequently Asked Questions:
I have a product, how do I start a website from scratch ?
If you are planning to promote your product online, an appealing website is a must, for which you must contact an experienced web designer. We have an excellent experience in web designing and can provide customized solution in website designing.
I own a website, how can I use the free space on it and earn out of it?
Any website owner can earn by uploading campaign/offers, if you have good traffic coming on your website. vCommission as a Network has more than thousands of offers to choose from to place it on your website. You simply need to sign up as a publisher at
Can you upgrade my website?
Yes, we can. We will do it depending on your niche and our experience in this field. We will give suggestion and upgrade it accordingly.
How do I increase my SEO ranking?
You can improve your SEO ranking through content modification, keyword optimization, on page and off page optimization, Social Media Optimization, getting approval through w3c, link building and many more. We know this is a time taking and continuous job and we specialize in it, so you can outsource this to us and we shall take care of the rest.
I need help with Campaign Designing?
We design the landing pages and banners, so we can customize it and create it after studying the product needs.
How can we upload banners on to our website?
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How can I create a Blog Website?
There are various websites that help in creation of blogs, like wordpress etc. A normal blogging website can be created through the use of such websites, we specialize and can create a professional Blog website with the help of our experienced team
How to promote my product through Social Media Marketing (SMM)?
SMM is done through PPC (pay per click). There are various SMM website on which a product can be promoted like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. A lot of our affiliates promote through SMM, where they promote our offer through PPC but we charge the advertiser at cost per lead basis, giving an advertiser a cost advantage
11. How to generate Leads onto a website?
In order to generates leads on to a website, the lead form must not only be proper and look good, but also highlight what the visitor is signing up for. This way the leads generated are people who are interested for your product. To take this another step further , there can be email and SMS based verification processes, whereby the authenticity of every single user that signs up through the lead form is ensured. This way you get a 100% accurate database. We not only design leads forms and banners to maximize ROI of a campaign, but also provide verification services.
How will you help us in SEO?
In SEO we provide you primarily targeting of your keywords, whereby your website shows up as one of the top pages when searched over Search engines like Google. We do this by on and off page optimization.
We are a new company, can you do our SEO
Yes we can. Any new website can be found as one of the top search results, if the SEO is done properly. 
What is your Payout Policy?
We provide our clients various options as payment modes, e.g. Payapal and Cheque. Generally we follow the policy of a Net 30 payout.
Where are you based (Location)?
We are International affiliate network, headquartered at New Delhi, India
How can we co-ordinate with you on a regular basis, what medium?
Every medium possible. We can be contacted over email, phone or even meet you personally during our office hours. Also, we provide a dedicated Affiliate Manager for every single client for continuous interaction, on performance and guidance.
18. How to select a Network?
A network must be selected obviously on the types of offers you are looking for, and the country traffic you are focusing at. We, are an International network, with traffic for almost all countries and Niches. This way you get an option of various niches, even if you want to concentrate on one.
How can an Affiliate create a Sub ID?
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Do you have any Set-up Fee or Monthly Fee in your Affiliate Program (CPA Network)?
No. We have no setup or maintenance fee whatsoever. You only pay per performance with us.
What is On-site Placement, how can I start doing it for my website?
In order for proper on site placement a lot of things need to be taken in to consideration what range from the size of text and pictures, to their placement itself. The most focused area goes in to the content optimization by keyword density. We can suggest you some recommendations, and also do your entire on-Site Placement if you need/
How do I create an Incentive/coupon based Website?
An incentive based website must highlight the offer in place and also highlight the reward thereby, especially in a manner to lure the target audience. An Incent based website must especially not sabotage its visitor from any kind of doubt. Incent websites if made properly are a great source of income, and vice versa.
Can you design a full-fledged incentive based website for my company?
Yes we can, as we have done in the past as well. We can provide you certain samples of how we have worked on some Incent websites before.
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